Shipping and Transportation

QuickBooks Compatible Solution

Meet your Shipping and Transportation industry needs with 3rd party software that works with QuickBooks.

  1. Approved Association

    Membership Management solution designed specifically for Chamber of Commerce and Associations.
    Price: $1,495.00 (Free Trial Available)

  2. EZ-Direct Deposit™

    Single-entry banking solution for Employee Funds Transfer. EZ-Direct Deposit provides for electronic payment of employee checks which is safe, secure, efficient, and less expensive than paper checks.
    Pricing Starts At: $295.00 (Free Trial Available)

  3. Payable Invoices

    Gain visibility and control on vendor submitted payable invoices. Easily create online invoices whether or not a PO was placed; match to POs/packing lists; eliminate duplication and over spending.
    Pricing Starts At: $24.00

  4. Purchasing

    Streamline and control company purchasing and payable invoice management. Approve spending requests in advance and ensure goods and services are delivered before payment.
    Pricing Starts At: $24.00

  5. Achieve Paperless A/P Processing is a low-cost web service that automates the Accounts Payable process. It simplifies the way companies receive, process, approve, track, pay, file and retrieve bills.
    Estimated Yearly Cost: $300.00 (Free Trial Available)

  6. My Business Manager - Automated Dashboards, Management Reporting, Consolidations, Budgeting and More

    Imagine if every business could automatically receive a "Business Summary" that showed the results, the problems, the trends and the cashflow, every week, month or quarter.
    Pricing Starts At: $99.00 (Free Trial Available)

  7. PlanGuru 2012

    Save time and simplify the budgeting, forecasting and planning process with PlanGuru. Plus get valuable analytical tools to help evaluate your business’ performance.
    Price: $399.95 (Free Trial Available)

  8. WaspTime - Employee Time and Attendance Solution

    Automate employee time tracking with WaspTime employee time and attendance solution. Complete solutions (4 unique time clock options, time tracking software and more).
    Pricing Starts At: $549.00 (Free Trial Available)

  9. AaaTeX Shopping Cart Integrator - Basic

    Integrates ecommerce shopping cart orders with QuickBooks. Orders can be posted as Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates or Sales Orders. Works with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7
    Price: $299.00 (Free Trial Available)

  10. OzLINK Shipping

    OzLINK is cloud-based solution that integrates and extend QuickBooks. OzLINK streamlines functions from e-commerce to warehouse and shipping. Carriers supported include UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx.
    Estimated Yearly Cost: $468.00 (Free Trial Available)