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Meet your ERP / MRP / Shop Floor needs with desktop and web applications developed by Intuit and trusted, third-party developers. These applications can help you with multi-job manufacturing solutions, supply chain, resource planning, shop management and more.
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  1. NumberCruncher All Orders Inventory and Order Mangement Software

    All Orders by NumberCruncher is a powerful, affordable and easy to use inventory and order management system that integrates with QuickBooks®.
    Price: $1,600.00 (Free Trial Available)

  2. MISys Manufacturing

    Powerful software to manage manufacturing: manage raw materials and WIP, schedule production, use time-phased MRP, and more. MISys Easy Purchasing App automates purchasing for anyone using QuickBooks.
    Pricing Starts At: $3,995.00 (Free Trial Available)

  3. Fishbowl Inventory - #1 QuickBooks® Inventory Management Solution

    #1 selling inventory management program for QuickBooks! Designed for wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, retail, and service companies. Multiple locations, order management, bar coding, & more.
    Pricing Starts At: $4,395.00 (Free Trial Available)

  4. ACOWIN for Windows

    ACOWIN for Windows is a state of the art Service and Project Management software designed to manage all aspects of a Service and Project Management company.
    Pricing Starts At: Free

  5. ERPlite PRO 9.0 : Inventory and Order Management for Manufacturers

    NEW version 9.0! Desktop starts at $795 (or $79/ month) :: extends QuickBooks for inventory, order, serial/lot, MRP , Travelers, Barcode, repetitive or Job Shop, Android, onsite or cloud hosting.
    Pricing Starts At: $795.00 (Free Trial Available)

  6. AIMS Integrated Accounting for Apparel and Garment

    Serving the apparel & sewn products industry for a quarter century, AIMS has created the most comprehensive and affordable business management system on the planet. Call us at 310-361-5710.
    Pricing Starts At: $50.00 (Free Trial Available)

  7. E2 Shop System

    The E2 Shop System handles all of your Quoting, Scheduling, Job Costing, Performance analysis, Purchasing, Inventory, Bar Code data collection, Shipping, Quality and contact management.
    Pricing Starts At: $2,495.00

    • Gold Developer Applications are the highest-rated solutions and have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.
  8. Realtrac Job Shop Management Software

    Realtrac processes and tracks jobs in real-time from estimating through order entry, scheduling, purchasing, routing, inventory, job costing, shipping, invoicing, quality and management reporting..
    Pricing Starts At: $1,895.00

  9. Exact JobBOSS

    Visibility and control from quote to cash. Developed for job shops and make-to-order/contract manufacturers, our powerful and easy-to-use features give you total shop control to boost your profits.
    Pricing Starts At: $1,500.00

  10. pc/MRP

    pc/MRP allows manufacturing companies to implement a major MRP system and keep using QuickBooks for the accounting module.
    Pricing Starts At: $730.00 (Free Trial Available)