SpringAhead - Time Tracking, Billing & Expense Management

Save time with our easy-to-use online time tracking, billing, expense reporting and project accounting solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online Edition.

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Save time and money.

SpringAhead is an online time tracking, billing and expense management solution that will save you time, ensure accuracy and reduce your costs by up to 90%. SpringAhead simplifies your back office and eliminates paperwork by fully automating and integrating all your project accounting processes using a single, easy-to-use web-based platform. Modules are sold separately and are fully integrated with QuickBooks.

How SpringAhead saves you time and money:

Time Tracking + Billing Benefits

Simplify time sheets and the billing process with intuitive automation and seamless integration.

Create time sheets and invoices in QuickBooks without data entry

Export time sheet data to almost any payroll provider

Easily manage multiple bill and pay rates by project, individual or task

Support QuickBooks Classes

Expense Reporting Benefits

Go paperless and let SpringAhead do the accounting for you.

Eliminate paperwork and speed up expense report creation and approval

Export employee reimbursement data directly to payroll or your accounting system

Upload or fax signed timesheets, scanned receipts and other documents for safe, secure storage using Tier 4 data centers; seamlessly integrate with SmartVault Document Management Solution, Cloud9, Right Networks and Insync.

Seamless Integration

No one plays better with your current systems than SpringAhead—fully integrate your existing software and services with one click.

Accounting integration including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online Edition, Excel

Payroll integration including Paychex, SurePayroll and MyPayrollHR

Staffing integration including Bullhorn, MaxHire, Sendouts, WinSearch

Project Accounting Benefits

Make quick and easy work of every back office process.

Run the numbers in real time

Easily track revenues, labor costs and expenses by jobs, sub-jobs, department, activity, class, and more

Custom tailored features for QuickBooks users including controls for classes, items, payroll items

Total Team Management System

SpringAhead enables you to take full control of your back office in one place, using a single, easy-to-use web-based platform. Purchase individual modules for time tracking/billing or expense reporting, or purchase the full suite to build a complete Team Management System that'll make quick and easy work of all your project accounting. You'll save time, ensure accuracy and reduce costs by getting your teams working smarter, faster, and together online.