Easy-Commission for Web Connector

Online sales commission solution that allows companies to automate commission structures and calculate commissions easily. This edition works with QuickBooks file on your desktop directly.

Subscription-based Pricing:
Subscription for 2 users-reps for 1 year of Regular Edition costs $239 only. This includes free support of 12 cases per year. Additional service fees may apply.

Developer: CellarStone, Inc.

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.

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Who can use Easy-Commission?
Organizations that have 1 to 100s of sales compensation recipients with simple to medium level sales commission plan structures can use Easy-Commission. Organizations who have sales reps in distributed locations and need quick and easy way to access the sales and commissions data, could use the online ability available in Easy-Commission.

Is my data completely secured?
Yes, we use 128 bit Advanced Encryption methods to protect your data while it is being communicated to the server. When you log into Easy-Commission, you will see a small lock icon at the bottom of your browser display, indicating that a secure (SSL) connection has been established to the server. In addition, the URLs used to access your data are all preceded with https instead of http, which also indicates that a secure connection is being maintained for data access from Easy-Commission.

Can I split the commissions between reps and pay commissions?
Yes, splitting commissions between Reps is possible in Easy-Commission. Also Easy-Commission can be set to pay manager overrides.

Is the application easy to use?
Yes, the application is designed for ease-of-use without the need for expensive services from the vendor. There are recorded demos, sample data and plan guides to help set up the system for your needs.