Office Tools Professional

Practice management software providing a single screen workplace for all office information. A system to track phone calls, tasks, time, schedules, due dates, documents, email and billings.

Subscription-based Pricing:
Subscription costs calculated at 35% of initial purchase cost. Initial cost based on desired features and number of licenses. Initial purchase costs start at $500 for single user professional packages

Developer: North 40 Systems

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.

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Office Tools Professional is a unique solution that combines a suite of small firm applications completely integrated and operated from a single interface. By integrating many applications into one and creating a single screen interface, we solve the problem of office inefficiencies and provide increased productivity by reducing administration. This allows service professionals more time for billable client services while reducing time spent on administration.

Office Tools Professional has built an application that can be the single system to manage any service professional’s office. One of the ways we do this is by combining CRM, Scheduling, Project Tracking, Document Management and Time Billing into one application. Another way is providing a system for staffing management that is not a separate application or module. Doing all of this in a quickly accessible system wasn’t easy, but is the hallmark of our offering.

Within the framework of Office Tools Professional we have created a “workflow methodology”, by combining the idea of task management and time tracking throughout our application. We do this by allowing users to create time cards as they complete their work. This alone makes up the majority of our time savings. Our “workflow methodology” is unique since most systems segregate task tracking, due dates, and project management from time keypunching and tracking. By combining assignment processes, budgeting and task completion with time tracking, staff saves a great deal of time in key punching and management benefits from real time statistics. This allows for better delegation and staff management. The way we do this is by creating a single source for assignments and delegation. When tasks are completed the staff is prompted for re-assignment, time spent or both. No task can be buried or forgotten because it is either on someone’s list of assigned work, history stored with the client, or represented in a due date report. This visibility of delegated tasks and the functionality of intuitive workflow management is the defining element of Office Tools Professional.

In addition we integrate with many other systems, completing the concept of “One” system to manage your office. We integrate with QuickBooks allowing us to synchronize contacts and export time and billing. We also integrate with Lacerte tax software, Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Avery Labels, Dymo label printers, MapQuest, and LaserApp. The balance between simplicity and depth of functionality is important because it offers incredible benefits to the small practice. The most important being improved administration, which leads to lower costs and higher revenues through increased billable services.