Crew/Overtime Entry Solution

Automate your time card and overtime calculation process. Create crews, enter time card data - at the end of the week automatically calculate and distribute overtime. Compatible with QuickBooks 2013

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In today's busy workplace business owners and payroll administrators are faced with numerous challenges which cause them to want and need to be able to quickly and accurately enter employee time cards by "crew or group" and by "job or project".  Typically these needs result when employers have employees who:

  • Work on more than one job or project during the week, with different wage rates for each job.
  • Perform work under more than one type of work/trade classification in a single workweek, with different wage rates for each classification.

Because of these situations, they also want software that will automatically calculate and distribute overtime hours worked for all employees on all jobs for any given work week - relieving them of the time-consuming and error-prone prcess caused by manual calculations and time card entry.


While all employers are subject to "normal" overtime laws that require payment of overtime hours for hours actually worked in excess of 40 hours per week (sometimes when more than 8 hours are worked in a day); with overtime to be paid an one and one-half (1.5) times the average regular rate of pay: an increasing number of states are adopting the Federal Weighted-Average Overtime Rules, administered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and forcing employers in the construction, healthcare, and manufacturing industries to comply with these additional requirements.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that when an employee works on two or more jobs at different rates of pay OR two or more work/trade classifications at different rates of pay for the same employer, in the same workweek, and overtime occurs; that weighted-average overtime is owed on hours worked over 40 in the workweek.

For example, an employee works 50 hours during the workweek; 25 hours at $10/hr and 25 hours at $12/hr - the following 4-step calculation would need to be done for each employee to determine the employee's gross wages using weighted-average overtime calculations:

  • 25 hours x $10/hr) $250.00 + (25 hours x $12/hr) $300.00 = $550.00

  • $550.00 divided by 50 hours (total hours worked) = $11.00/hr weighted-average rate of pay

  • $11.00 + ($11.00 divided by 2) $5.50 = $16.50 weighted-average overtime rate of pay

  • (40 hours x $11.00) $400.00 + (10 hours x $16.50) $165.00 = $605.00 gross pay

Manually applying and calculating this mathematical equation for multiple employees each week is an extremely time-consuming and error-prone task, often resulting in payroll errors, which must be done before time can be entered for job costing purposes and payroll can be processed in QuickBooks - this causes a great deal of frustration and dissatisfaction for QuickBooks users.


Crew/Overtime Entry Solution has been designed to specifically to increase your efficiency, save you time, and automate the time and overtime entry process which is extremely time-consuming.  Having an automated process in place for these critical tasks will make you more productive; eliminate the error-prone process of manual overtime and weighted-average overtime calculations and allow you to easily comply with FLSA requirements. nbsp;This is accomplished through a few simple setup tasks:

  • Teach Crew/Overtime Entry Solution about the overtime laws as they relate to your state.

  • Choose one of four different ways in which the program can calculate and distribute overtime/weighted-average overtime.

  • Make sure that your QuickBooks Payroll Item List is set up in a manner that Crew/Overtime Entry Solution can accurately do its job.

  • Set up "crews" in the COES software.

  • Enter time cards for the crews you set up, by job, by day in COES using all straight time hours and pay rates, then post this to the QuickBooks Weekly Timesheet - you can enter time for hundreds of employees with just a few mouse clicks.

  • At the end of the week, retrieve your QuickBooks Weekly Timesheets and COES will perform overtime and/or weighted-average overtime calculations for you and then post the revised information back to QuickBooks in minutes, so you can process your payroll.

From within Crew/Overtime Entry Solution you can create "crews or groups" of employees, once these crews are in place you can enter time card information by crew, by day, and by job using all straight time hours, then post this to the QuickBooks Weekly Timesheet - at the end of the week, retrieve your Weekly Timesheets and COES will perform Overtime and/or "weighted-average" overtime calculations for you and post the revised information back to QuickBooks so

you can process your payroll.