Property Genie

Property Genie is a NED2 (never enter data twice) residential Property Management software that is completely integrated with QuickBooks.

Pricing Range:
From $80.00/month

Developer: Computer Solutions Engineering

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.

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How does Property Genie help me in my Property Management business.?
Property Genie automates all of the day to day activities required in property management. Tenants can pay rent online and request work orders. Owners can see their statements online and receive ACH electronic payments. Accounting is integrated with QuickBooks and so much more.

Does Property Genie help me with Marketing?
Yes, Property Genie includes (as part of the software) an integrated website specific to your company. Websites can have their own unique URL and can market properties on the intenet with the click of a button. Additionally Property Genie currently integrates with

Is Property Genie a web based software.?
Yes and No, Property Genie is the best of both worlds. Property Genie installs on all local machines providing interaction with Microsoft applications such as Word and Outlook while accesssing a remotely hosted database that is backed up and accessible from multiple offices and locations.

How does your product integrate with QuickBooks?
Property Genie has one of the easiest and cleanest integration tools available. Our philosophy is NED2 (Never enter Data Twice). Users enter data one time and the data is transferred to QucikBooks with the click of a button. No uploads or downloads required. Our interface is clean, reliable, and easy.