Work Order Express

Work Order Express is a powerful low-cost tool designed for job shops, manufacturers, fabricators, repair shops and contractors looking to upgrade their work order creation & scheduling process.

Price: $249.00

Developer: McCarthy Enterprises LLC

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.
Work Order Express is designed to be a simple to use tool for small to medium sized job shops, manufacturers, and contractors looking to upgrade their work order creation and scheduling process. With Work Order Express, you can use your existing QuickBooks accounting data to quickly and easily create work orders and generate a graphical schedule in just seconds. This software will provide you with a new level of control over the administration, scheduling, billing, and paperwork associated with your jobs, while saving you valuable time and money.

Some of the main features include:

• Create Work Orders from Scratch:

Work orders can be created either from scratch, or by importing an existing estimate from QuickBooks. Creating a work order from scratch is a breeze. Simply select customer and item information from the dropdown lists, select a due date from the calendar-style interface, make any necessary changes, then save the work order to the database.

Work orders can be printed, saved in PDF format for emailing, or just saved in the database for future use. Work Order Express automatically updates the real-time production schedule with the work order you just created.

• Create Work Orders from an Existing QuickBooks Estimate:

Many job shops, manufacturers and contractors have to generate estimates to satisfy the needs of their customers. Now you can make this estimate creation the last time you enter the details of this job into the computer.

Work Order Express provides a user interface that allows you to select any active QuickBooks estimate and automatically turn it into a work order. Import the estimate into Work Order Express, select the due date, add a customer PO number, and say goodbye to double or triple data entry forever!

• Scheduling

The production schedule is the lifeblood of most job shops, manufacturers, and contractors, so why are you still using piles of paper and dry-erase boards to plan your workload? Work Order Express gives you a better handle on scheduling by using a tool designed specifically for scheduling a flexible production environment. Do you need more good news? You don’t have to be a computer genius to use it!

When work orders are created, each line item is assigned a duration (in days). This duration is the anticipated length of time that this item will take to complete. Working backwards from the work order due date, a graphical gantt-chart style schedule is created, and gives managers an instant image that can easily reveal conflicts, as well as heavy and light times.

Schedules can be printed or saved as a PDF document for distribution. Also, with our date range feature, you can print only the date range of the schedule you see fit.

The convenient color coded schedule bars allow managers to easily review jobs with missed or approaching deadlines. No more searching through that stack of papers to find which job is due next!

When a work order is completed and exported to QuickBooks as an invoice, the work order is removed from the schedule and updated is real-time, so you can be assured that the schedule you’re looking at is as up-to-date as possible.

• Exporting

Exporting work order data is an integral part of the Work Order Express user interface.

The most common export scenario is to send work orders that have been fulfilled back to QuickBooks as a pending invoice ready to send to the customer. All customer info and line item data (including any customization made from within Work Order Express) will automatically populate a new QuickBooks invoice. Work Order Express even supports batch exports of work orders to QuickBooks, so multiple invoices can be generated by a single click of the mouse!

Work Order Express also allows the user to export the work order data in a more generic format so that the data can be used with other enterprise systems such as Microsoft Excel.

• QuickBooks Information Link

Work Order Express interfaces with your current QuickBooks installation in order to use accurately updated company and customer data when creating work orders. This link with QuickBooks allows for the real-time exchange of production and accounting data, providing your business with synchronized manufacturing and financial data.

With Work Order Express, you don’t have to be a sophisticated computer user, learn a new accounting system, or purchase some complicated MRP software suite in order to see a return on investment. It was designed to be a seamless extension of the systems you already have in place. You’ll be realizing the benefits of this system TODAY. This was designed by a job shop, for a job shop. It really is that simple.