Rent Roll Professional

Get full management and professional income analysis of rental properties; integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise.

Price: $495.00

Developer: Soft Green Corporation

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.
Is QuickBooks required?
Yes, Rent Roll Professional, Rent Roll Pro NetPack and Rent Roll Pro's Rental Contact Manager make typical transactions directly into QuickBooks. Knowledge of QuickBooks is not needed. Full accounting within QuickBooks is NOT required; the file may be used only as needed for customer balances, security deposits, etc. by Rent Roll Pro.

Is QuickBooks included with Rent Roll Pro software packages?
No, we do not sell QuickBooks. We could, but not for the price you can buy it at the major discount retailers.

Which version of Rent Roll Professional suits my needs?
Rent Roll Pro is for use on on one computer which has QuickBooks installed and on which the data will be located. The LE version of Rent Roll Pro allows one rental collection property file with 48 units or less. The NetPack version of Rent Roll Pro allows use of the Bundled Contact Manager concurrently with the use of the NetPack version of Rent Roll Pro; additional users also can be purchased for the NetPack. Other features like support for subsidies are included only on the NetPack.

What are the total costs for Rent Roll Pro, Rent Roll Pro LE, and the Rent Roll Pro NetPack?
The license fees are the only costs required for the use of our products: $495 for the standalone version of Rent Roll Pro, $695 for the NetPack, and $195 for the Rent Roll Pro LE (Limited Edition). One year of upgrades via download is included with the license. Upgrade subscriptions can be purchased as desired.