PaperSavePlus - Scan Receipts into QuickBooks-Document Management

Scan Receipts and Invoices into QuickBooks-Paperless Document Management. Securely store electronic documents inside or outside of QuickBooks. No monthly fees. Store files locally, not on the web.

Pricing Range:
$299 Single User / $699 Three Users / $899 Five Users

Developer: Solutions@MBAF, LLC

What type of scanner do I need?
Any TWAIN compatible scanner can be used with PaperSave. PaperSave is also compatible with ScanSnap scanners from Fujitsu. We recommend scanners with ADF (automatic document feeders) and Duplex (scan both sides of the paper at once) capabilities.

How many much hard disk space do I need?
The standard PaperSave database server can save approximately 60,000 black and white images with 4 GB of available hard-disk space (Hard-disk usage will vary depending on configuration and type of document or image. Scanning in black and white at 300 dpi will amount to about 60,000 scanned pages saved as PDFs) PaperSave for QuickBooks comes with Microsoft SQL Express – database size is limited to 4GB. Call us today to upgrade to PaperSave with Microsoft SQL Server Standard. MS SQL Serve

How are my documents secured and where are my documents stored?
PaperSave stores all of documents securely on your hard drive on your workstation or network in a Microsoft SQL Express database. By storing documents in a database, you never have to be concerned with changing your file path, unauthorized access to a document or someone inadvertently deleting documents. Access to documents is limited to those with proper security in QuickBooks. Only users with access to the specific record in QuickBooks can view the related source document in PaperSave.

Does PaperSave work with QuickBooks Companies in multi-user mode or in Citrix environment?
Yes, PaperSave can be installed to work with a company in single user or multi-user mode. PaperSave is also compatible with Citrix and Windows Terminal Services.