My Business Manager - Automated Dashboards, Management Reporting, Consolidations, Budgeting and More

Imagine if every business could automatically receive a "Business Summary" that showed the results, the problems, the trends and the cashflow, every week, month or quarter.

Pricing Range:
Business $99 per month, Professional from $7.50 per month. Includes unlimited support to make sure that you are successful. Refer website for details.

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Imagine if it took less than one minute per week to produce.

Imagine if it also did budgeting, cashflow, KPIs, consolidations and Business planning.

My Business Manager provides this model and the tools required - at an ideal price-point.

Imagine the consulting opportunities available to ProAdvisors, once Clients see how easy it is to monitor, manage and grow their businesses.

MBM provides a great foundation for a monthly Board Meeting to review the business and to address issues before they affect the results.

My Business Manager takes the accounting data from Quickbooks and provides a continuous monitoring process for all financial and performance aspects of the business.

It compares the results to budget and highlights problem areas that need your attention.

Haven't got a budget? My Business Manager gives you the option of measuring against last year's results (growth) or, copying last year's results into your budget and then a "toolbox" of tools to help you to build your own budget.

There are two versions of My Business Manager;

Business – you can run it in-house or get your ProAdvisor to run it for you. When you need help, just email the dashboards and reports.

Professional – designed for the ProAdvisor, Accountant, or Book-keeper to provide a complete business management and business intelligence service to their clients.

My Business Manager applies to all types of businesses and all stages of business life.

Ideal foundation for business start-ups or those planning to grow their businesses - business plans, cashflow, budgets, forecasts.

The executive summaries and dashboards are ideal for the bank manager and for board meetings. Perfect for Not-for-Profits board meetings.

If you need a financial or performance report, MBM will provide it.

30 day money-back guarantee means no risk to you.

Pay by the month as you go or purchase an annual license. It is up to you.

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