SourceLink 2012 Standard Edition

Leading Document Management in QuickBooks – No Internet dependency, No Proprietary Filing System, and No Monthly / Per Document Fee. Scan and Link files to keep a paperless office.

Price: $229.00

Developer: Personable Inc.

SourceLink 2012 is the only fully integrated document management solution allowing users to link and retrieve files in QuickBooks without the reliance of Internet, proprietary filing system, and eternal monthly or per document fees. Now supporting QuickBooks 2012 through 2004.

In a click of a mouse, you can automate the flow of documents saving thousands of dollars every year. Its robust features are so easy-to-use that you will feel confident implementing it right away.

With the ability to link files with all possible QuickBooks list items and transaction types -- bills, invoices, items, customers and more -- SourceLink offers intuitive workflow features for batch process, single transaction linking, and after-the-fact back filing.

SourceLink 2010 supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise from 2004 to the 2010 versions and we will continue to support future releases. In addition, SourceLink is the perfect solution for both a single and multi-user environment.

Personable two comprehensive editions for QuickBooks users: SourceLink 2010 Standard Edition (SE) and SourceLink 2010 Management Edition (ME).

With SourceLink 2010 SE, you can attach, detach, and view linked documents directly in QuickBooks. This product’s award-winning features streamline your every functions with its ability to automatically name and organize documents. Once the source document is linked to a record, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is retrievable from inside and outside of QuickBooks.

You can scan and link files directly in QuickBooks with the following features and benefits:

•NO REQUIRED INTERNET-BASED STORAGE to slowdown or interrupt data retrieval

•NO ON-GOING MONTHLY/PER DOCUMENT FEE to add to your business costs

•NO PROPRIETARY FILING SYSTEM giving you the flexibility for future growth


•New! Fully integrated toolbar

•New! SourceLink drop down menu

•New! Show Related Entity/Items to follow the document trail

•New! Drag/Drop linking feature

•New! Enhanced Link from Outlook

•New! Added SSL email connection to link from all emails

•New! SourceLink prompt for 'Deposit'

•New! Search by ‘Paid’ or ‘Not Paid’ invoices or bills

•New! Save TurboScan configurations

•New! Added ‘BCC’ self option in email

•New! Optimized Turbo Folder viewer and Search MyNotes functionality

•New! Supports multiple versions of QB concurrently

•New! SourceLink keyboard hotkeys

•New! Attach files directly from Outlook and web-based programs.

•New! Pull up related QuickBooks transactions and source files from a single record

•New! Advance folder set up per transaction type

•New! View list of QB records with linked file with print/e-mail options.

•New! E-mail MyNotes contents with linked file and QB record

•New! Route deleted files to a folder location

•New! Retrieve function to improve user interface

•New! Search MyNotes for key phrases

•Email documents and QuickBooks records with a single click

•Link Internet documents, URL

•Automated backup and restore of SourceLink configurations and MyNotes

•Attaching electronic sticky notes to any of the 30 QuickBooks record types

•Avoiding problems with misfiled, damaged, and lost documents

•Securing and sharing attached files with other users

•No proprietary system; uses the system of Windows

You can now stop unauthorized transactions from processing in QuickBooks! SourceLink 2010 Management Edition includes all the features of Standard Edition, PLUS, unprecedented internal control features allowing managers to set-up rule and role based policies in QuickBooks. SourceLink ME automatically monitors QuickBooks entries informing management of unusual account activities and assists management with fraud prevention. With SourceLink ME, QuickBooks users can:

•New! Stop unauthorized QuickBooks checks from printing

•New! Pay multiple approved bills at once

•New! Other Name/Employee integration in Management rules

•New! Added ‘BCC’ self option in email (also in auto-request)

•New! Stop disapproved bill and bill payments checks from processing

•New! Customize management rules for journal entries

•New! Multilevel approvals with conditions

•New! Set up rule- and role- based company controls for Accounts Payable (A/P) and Accounts Receivables (A/R)

•New! Approve, disapprove and void A/P and A/R transactions

•New! Generate approval requests at the creation of transactions automatically or manually

•New! Requests and approvals are integrated with automatic email notifications

•New! Improve the management of vendor and customer relationships

•New! Limit the potential threat of operation breaches and reduce financial risks

•New! Manage user identities by adding, modifying and removing approvers and requesters

•New! Audit transaction trails by following the protected history of the events

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