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Mobile invoicing & DSD route accounting needs are met by bMobile for QuickBooks. bMobile serves DSD wholesale Distributors & Pre Sale Distributors of food & beverage products & other consumer goods.

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From mobile invoicing, mobile order entry and mobile account management to DSD route accounting with DEX/NEX capabilities or Pre Sale Distribution with EDI compliance, bMobile can meet your mobile software business needs. All applications are designed for direct integration with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premiere and QuickBooks Enterprise. Custom features and full custom software development are also available with QuickBooks integration.


Route sales, DSD route distribution and route pre sale distribution have unique needs. bMobile Route Software provides DSD route accounting, route optimization, mobile inventory control and NEX,DEX,EDI technology and more.

The bMobile Route application provides a desktop dashboard and integrates with QuickBooks, making one powerful Route Accounting for QuickBooks system. Create routes, schedule route deliveries and provide mobile inventory needs for each route. If you require EDI or NEX system to receive purchase orders and deliver invoices, bMobile Route has you covered.

For Pre sale distributors, bMobile imports presale information from QuickBooks and creates a daily route load sheet and provides the driver with route account information and presale order data along with route stops and an optimized route path.

If your wholesale distribution uses a direct store delivery (DSD) sales model, bMobile can meet your needs. DSD to retail locations, survey shelf stock, replace out-of-date product and you’re your shelf space using sales and inventory data on your mobile handheld computer powered by bMobile Route. Use DEX technology to upload delivery information. DEX hardware is also available from bMobile, a specialist in DSD/DEX systems for over ten years.


Reducing operating costs and increasing route production is the function of Route Mizer by bMobile Route Software. Many users see surprising savings on route labor, fuel and equipment by optimization of their routes by Route Mizer.

Your Beverage Distribution or Wholesale Food Distribution Company can reduce route fuel costs and route labor costs with Route Mizer. The Route Mizer option allows route mapping and delivers full route optimization for any route sales or DSD distribution. Optimize and balance routes by distance traveled, time of day requirements, equipment availability and length of time required for each route.

Track fuel costs and labor costs, and monitor vehicle maintenance with the route optimization feature. The reduction in route costs and optimization of resources means increased profits as Route Manager quickly pays for itself.


While many needs for route presale, DSD route sales and route sales distribution are similar, bMobile has industry specific modules and features for a custom solution.

bMobile can provide specific solutions for multiple segments of the wholesale distribution and direct store delivery (DSD) and route presale industries: beverage distribution, food and grocery products wholesale distribution, bread and bakery products distribution, frozen food and ice cream wholesale distribution, beer and wine distribution, bulk ice, bottled water, soft drink distribution, sports drink and health food distribution, candy and snack food distribution, tobacco and coffee wholesale distribution, prepaid phone card distribution, propane and LP gas distribution and more.

Custom software development is also available for any DSD, route sales or route accounting need. Modifications can be made to one of the many industry specific modules, or a solution designed from the ground up.


For route sales of Propane, LP Gas and bottled gas products, bMobile delivers. Tracking fixed tank locations, tank service schedules and barcode tracking for tanks for instant content information and sales history for each route customers are a couple of the specific features for this unique industry.


If your mobile business needs are less demanding, but just as critical as route sales, bMobile provides a Mobile Invoicing for QuickBooks application. With direct integration into QuickBooks, bMobile Sales provides a straight forward and affordable mobile sales solution for mobile order entry, mobile invoice printing, mobile account set-up and mobile account maintenance.

bMobile SALES for QuickBooks is intended to empower outside salespersons and mobile service personnel. Set up new accounts, generate estimates, create sales orders, capture signatures and print mobile invoices.

Using QuickBooks account and inventory data, outside sales and mobile service staff can check on-hand inventory levels, current prices and promos and customer account history.

SALES data collected in the field is entered directly into QuickBooks.