DSD Route Accounting

DSD Route Accounting is a handheld computer based solution used for creating invoices, credit memos and payment receipts at a customers site.

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Developer: Baus Systems, LLC

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.
DSD Route Accounting consists of a handheld computer and printer in the truck used to create invoices, credit memos, orders and payment receipts at the customer site and our DSD Office Utilities running in your office to manage the integration between the handhelds and QuickBooks. DSD Office Utilities also provides route distribution specific functionality not typically found in accounting software such as optimizing route delivery sequences.

The salesperson creates the invoice, credit memo and/or order on the handheld at the customer site and prints the documents to a truck mounted or portable printer. The data can be electronically sent to the retailer with the optional DEX module. At the end of the day the driver prints the End of Day Recap Report and is then able to download that days data to the office through a cradle, modem or wireless connection. During the download, the handheld will also pick up any new data such as customers, products or price changes from the office.

The system uses the latest handheld technology with the ability to scan barcodes, take digital images, and capture signatures either through signing on screen or using image lift technology. Printers can be traditional cabled or wireless using IR or Bluetooth. Product types supported include case/each, standard weights and catch weights. Weights can be manually input or received automatically from a scale. Customized invoice formats can be assigned at the customer level. There are no limits to the number of price levels. Special pricing as well as suggested retail prices can be date specific.