Maitre'D Software Suite

Maitre'D is a fully integrated software solution for the foodservice and hospitality industry including POS, Back-Office, and Corporate Solutions.

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Developer: Posera Software

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.

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Maitre’D POS

Our Maitre’D Point of Sale software is fully integrated with the Back-Office application. The POS Suite provides each terminal with multiple functionalities to help you streamline your operations, whether you are operating a bar, a dining room, a take-out counter, or all of the above. The Maitre’D POS software takes you to a new level of reliability and expertise with its open architecture and its state-of-the-art technologies to meet your emerging needs. The POS Suite includes multiple graphical interfaces that give you the possibility to personalize terminal screens per employee, per operation or even per level of management. Each employee logon screen can be customized with a different message, as well as preferred colors, fonts, icons and language.

• Table Service

• Quick Service/Drive-Thru

• Delivery/Dispatch

• Handheld/Wireless Applications

• Management Functions

• Peripheral Interfaces

• Redundancy/Security

Maitre’D Back-Office

All Maitre’D solutions are seamlessly integrated, so the flow of data between the POS and the Back-Office is consistent and provides unparalleled optimization of information analysis. The Back-Office offers the following modules and features:

• Purchase Order Management: When new orders are created, information can be sent automatically to your accounts payable application providing more efficiency.

• Accounts Receivable: Maitre’D has accounts receivable functions that will allow users to create and manage house accounts easily and without third party intervention. Use Accounts Receivable to manage customer files; print out customer statements; create personalized credit cards; and issue pre-paid meal cards for university students or for employee cafeterias.

• Accounting and Payroll Interfaces: This practical application offers special interfaces to General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Timekeeping and Payroll that allow you to save a considerable amount of time while eliminating human error, as you will no longer have to re-enter data into your accounting application. Maitre’D transfers data automatically to your accounting software application, creates balanced accounting transactions from Maitre’D POS and Back-Office, and provides auditable accounting entries.

• Time and Attendance

• Real-time Inventory Control

• Report Center

• Frequent Diner & Gift Card programs

• Full Documentation and Context Sensitive Help

Maitre’D Corporate Solutions

Fortunately, technology can save you from many time consuming tasks while ensuring greater accuracy. Maitre’D e-Global is a powerful management solution that was built to offer business intelligence to any restaurant chain seeking to streamline operations in their numerous holdings. Offering flexible hardware and software configurations and innovations in database management, Maitre’D e-Global is an ideal solution for any growing business.

Maitre’D ASP Solutions


The DataBoard is a web-based business monitoring tool that allows restaurateurs to access reports and graphics on their sales and/or costs at any instance via the Internet. It also provides an alert function that sends customizable alerts in real time.