Core Inventory Management System (CoreIMS)

CoreIMS is ideal fit for small to medium size warehouse. CoreIMS is easy to install and operate. Build on latest Microsoft . NET Technology and you don't have to change for the next 5-10 years.

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Developer: Core Partners, Inc.

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Core Inventory Management System (CoreIMS) is a cost-effective inventory management system for small to medium size warehouses. CoreIMS address all of your warehouse needs, cost effectively. It will manage single or multiple warehouses. CoreIMS is easy to install, easy to use and inexpensive to operate. CoreIMS will deliver savings typically associated with much more expensive warehouse management software through improved inventory accuracy and increased labor productivity. CoreIMS delivers real-time inventory information to help you better manage your business and improve customer service.

CoreIMS benefits:

  • Easy to use. CoreIMS requires only a basic knowledge of Windows. The user interface is well structured, simple and intuitive;

  • CoreIMS is LAN and Internet accessible

  • Low cost of training and support.

  • Enhanced security. CoreIMS provides each user with set of permissions and keeps a log of their activities.

  • Utilizing MS SQL 2005 or SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

  • Flexible reporting. CoreIMS comes with set of pre-build reports, but you also can use Crystal Report to generate your own reports.

  • Latest technology. CoreIMS is built on Widows native Microsoft .NET Technology delivering fast response times.

  • CoreIMS Source Code is available for those companies who want to customize the software themselves.


  • Receiving - controls receiving and put-away operations. Stock can be received against a purchase order or as an unexpected receipt.

  • Storing - move stock between locations in the warehouse or between warehouses. Conduct cycle counting, physical inventory operations, and quantity verification of stock in locations. You can also manual change item quantities.

  • Shipping - provides the ability to create sales orders, allocate available stock, ship it from the warehouse and print Packing Lists.

  • Reporting - contains a set of reports designed to facilitate warehouse management, general inquiry and problem resolution.

  • RF Devices/Batch Terminals and Label Printing Support – receiving, put-away, movements, physical inventory, cycle counts, adjustments, picking, and shipping can be performed using RF Devices or Batch Terminals. Bar codes can be generated and printed for item, pallet and location.

  • Maintenance – provides advanced, easy to use maintenance of the core objects of the IMS system. Using a standard screen design, maintenance of warehouses, storage locations, items, units of measure, customer, owner and vendor is an intuitive process yielding fast implementation and rapid training.