Exceed! Basic

Nonprofit fundraisers: Spend more time with your donors and less time with your computer!!

Pricing Range:
$499 and up, Additional user licenses available

Developer: Telosa Software, Inc.

  • Silver Developer Applications have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.

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Exceed! Basic is easy-to-use, time-saving, affordable fundraising software designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. Donor information is one of the most valuable assets that nonprofit organizations possess. Exceed! Basic empowers nonprofits to best utilize their donor information, foster deeper donor relationships and maximize their fundraising efforts. Exceed! Basic is simple to learn, and provides nonprofits with the essential fundraising tools required for fast and efficient fundraising and donor management. Exceed! Basic includes: Donor and Contact Management, Fundraising Management, Mailings & Data Exports, Comprehensive Reporting, and the QuickBooks Interface, which eliminates duplicate entry while increasing accuracy and improving productivity.

Target Users:

Exceed! Basic is essential fundraising and information management software developed exclusively for nonprofit organizations.

Key Features:

Exceed! Basic's powerful contact management tools make it easy for nonprofits to store, manage and utilize a large range of donor, prospect and client information.

Exceed! Basic's fundraising management functionality provides nonprofits with gift tracking, campaign and membership management capabilities.

Exceed! Basic includes powerful and easy-to-use mailing, data export and reporting tools.