Shipping and Transportation

QuickBooks Compatible Solution

Meet your Shipping and Transportation industry needs with 3rd party software that works with QuickBooks.

  1. Dynamic Ventures General Journal Entry

    The application creates General Journal Entries based on data imported from an Excel file.
    Pricing Starts At: Free

  2. Cabinet Books

    Cabinet Books electronic document management software enters QB transactions & files documents in a single process, which makes filing, finding and sharing documents simple, seamless, and secure
    Pricing Starts At: $995.00

  3. electronic Time Sheet System (eTSS)

    Fully customizable Time and Attendance Software with supported time clock which provides customer a tight, multi-direction data exchange with QuickBooks
    Estimated Yearly Cost: $600.00 (Free Trial Available)

    • Gold Developer Applications are the highest-rated solutions and have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks.
    • Web Enabled
  4. QCommission - sales commission software

    QCommission is a powerful, flexible software for calculating sales commission accurately and quickly. It uses the QuickBooks SDK. It is suitable for all industries starting from 1 payee to hundreds.
    Pricing Starts At: $1,830.00

  5. InLattice Accounts Payable, Receivable Automation

    InLattice is a web-based service for companies to exchange and manage documents like invoices, purchase orders, sales receipts and payment information with customers and vendor
    Estimated Yearly Cost: $300.00 (Free Trial Available)

  6. Wage Manager Solution

    Wage Manager allows you to work with multiple employees, wage items and pay rates - to quickly change or add new pay rates. Compatible with QuickBooks 2012.
    Price: $100.00 (Free Trial Available)

  7. Count Me In's Timecard Monitor Lite

    Since 2001 over 14,000 clients across the world have purchased the Fingerprint time clock that works! Stop Buddy Punching and eliminate human error. 30 day no question asked return policy.
    Pricing Starts At: $299.99

  8. Axis - import, export, transfer, update & delete transactions in QuickBooks®

    Import, export, transfer, update and delete transactions directly into your QuickBooks company file, saving you hours in data entry and reducing costly mistakes. Download a free 30 day demo.
    Pricing Starts At: $195.00

  9. Food Connex Cloud (formerly VictualNet) - For Food Distributors and Processors

    Food Connex Cloud enables food business owners to control pricing and profitability before the sale, monitor real time inventory and order status, and eliminate shrinkage and mis-ships to reduce cost.
    Pricing Starts At: $199.00

  10. Minute7 - QuickBooks Time and Expense Tracking in the Cloud

    Minute7 is a full-featured web-based time and expense tracking application that allows you to track employee and contractor time, and sync data with QuickBooks- making timesheets and billing simple.
    Estimated Yearly Cost: $48.00 (Free Trial Available)