Shipping and Transportation

QuickBooks Compatible Solution

Meet your Shipping and Transportation industry needs with 3rd party software that works with QuickBooks.

  1. SmartScan Barcode Translator

    Gives you the capability to scan barcodes directly into QuickBooks. Barcodes can facilitate easy and accurate customer and item entry as well as assist with tracking information such as serial numbers
    Price: $295.00 (Free Trial Available)

  2. SmartScan DEX Link

    Designed for pre-sell companies that are required to electronically transfer thier invoices to their customers using the UCS/DEX standard.
    Pricing Starts At: $500.00

  3. SmartScan Sales Order Verification

    Scan to fulfill your orders quickly and accurately with barcode scanning! SmartScan Sales Order Verification prints pick lists, packing slips and logs serial numbers in a searchable database.
    Price: $399.00 (Free Trial Available)